Older footballers who do not care about football!

 Kuroshy Miura The Japanese are “King Cao”. The “never-ending” samurai of Japanese football, when it came to the ball, was Ronald Reagan, the president of the United States. Mike Tyson, the unknown hero, was the world’s heaviest boxing champion and spent several months in Liverpool’s English league; a star that, along with his time in soccer, also broke out like ... Read More »

A tour of the coffee shop and amphitheater of Majid Mozafari

Decoration and cafe furniture The most important feature in the layout of the cafe’s chairs is the ceiling, a part of the floor, the wall, as well as wooden tables, which seemed to be a great help in balancing the ambience. With the layout and color of the tables, we have been reminded of American cafes! On each table of ... Read More »

Pictures of child laborers in America a hundred years ago

There are things that benefit children and there are things that benefit only employers. The purpose of recruiting children is not to educate them but to earn more profit from their work. Louis Vix Hein, an American photographer and sociologist, contributed to the change in child labor laws in the United States. His photos, in addition to being technically excellent, ... Read More »

Stairs of Valiasr Street

The old steps of Valiasr Street have been restored and some remain intact. In spite of the stairs on Valiasr Street you can walk in the world of paint and painting. When you board the Valiasr Street, the first step of the station will attract your attention. The first staircase is the first to see the stained stairs of Valiasr ... Read More »

Golshifteh plays a rebel in The Girls of the Sun Movie

Director Husson was inspired to make the film after reading about the exploits of real-life Kurdish women who were taken hostage by Islamic State fighters as they swept across Syria and Iraq, but managed to escape and then took up arms against their former captors. A ‘rebel’ of sorts in her own life,  actress Golshifteh Farahani is all set to ... Read More »

Most Terrifying Earthquakes To Shake Earth

Valdivia, Chile, May 22, 1960 (9.5 Richter) The earthquake killed 1,655 people, injured 3,000 people and displaced two million people. The earthquake caused Chilean damage of $ 550 million, while the tsunami resulted in many deaths, causing damage to Hawaii, Japan and the Philippines. The earthquake breakdown area was 1,000 kilometers long. Two days after the initial earthquake, the volcano ... Read More »

The list of the most polluted cities in the world

Kaboah – Zimbabwe        The extraction and melting of two zinc and lead metals from 1902 to 1994 has been widely used in this region. The river crossed the mine and the factory along with the dust polluted by the area, the plague of workers and residents of the area.  In many cases, the level of lead in children ... Read More »

The Most Wageable Superstars of the World

Dean Ambroz – $ 1.1 million per year Dean Ambrose is both a professional actress and professional wrestler, and his real name is Jonathan Good. Ambrose records the record for the longest-term United States Wrestling Wrestling Championship, which is about 351 days (two weeks less than a year). Read More »

These type of girls stay single longer

Girls who have become “males” for themselves! The number of such girls in the world is rising, and the interesting thing is that they do not even know their repulsion and are very proud of their “masculinity”. They regard other women as weak, inferior, subtle and dependent, and they are not at all willing to be looked at as women’s ... Read More »

Everyday items you can overdose on

Ice Tea A matter called naturally, there is black tea and other ingredients like spinach and rhubarb. Excess oxalization causes the kidneys to fail, and the average oxalate in the body of the man was 3 to 10 times that of the average. According to research, taking more than four cups of tea a day is dangerous. Read More »