Twentieth wedding anniversary

If you’re nearing your 20th anniversary then congrats—you’ve made it! 20 years is a lot to celebrate. The two of you have been through two decades of ups and downs as a married couple since and now you get to commemorate that special day with one (or more) well-deserved gifts. Read More »

Moloud Atefi radio announcer

Speak or read from scripted materials, such as news reports or commercial messages, on radio, television, or other communications media. May play and queue music, announce artist or title of performance, identify station, or interview guests. Read More »

Style of Bahram Radan and Elnaz Shakerdoust

In 2021, we will offer an online platform featuring seven days of premieres, events, artist talks, and cutting-edge XR exhibitions. We will also be partnering with independent cinema communities across the U.S. and beyond to safely host in-person events. Read More »

Controversial marriage of Tila and Ramin

It’s no secret that weddings can cost a pretty penny, no matter how much you plan and budget accordingly. But some lucky brides and grooms have taken it to a whole new level with their unlimited big-day budgets, earning them a spot on the list of the most expensive weddings of all time. Read More »

Hanieh Gholami’s 26th birthday

While COVID-19 may have limited people’s abilities to actively go out and celebrate their birthdays, that doesn’t mean creative celebrations can’t happen indoors. As social distancing becomes the reality for millions of Americans, the notion of celebrating birthdays with lockdown restrictions leads to sparks of creativity. A quarantine birthday doesn’t have to be a lonely affair, even if you live ... Read More »

New images of Angelina Jolie for Vogue magazine

Vogue’s fashion news show is officially back for season 2! From February 22—March 8, viewers can tune in every Monday and watch the series’ three new weekly episodes, per Vogue. Though the first season focused on topics related to designers’ creative processes, the second offering will delve into how different parts of the industry are adapting during COVID-19. Read More »

Birth of Reza Guchannejad’s son

With a little creativity, online shopping, and maybe some help from digital party entertainers, parents can make magical birthday memories for kids that will last a lifetime. We’ve pulled together our favorites from the creative solutions we’ve found for socially distant celebrations. Read More »

The most different film festival

The Cannes Film Festival could face a substantial 2021 delay, one year after the novel coronavirus pandemic forced organizers to scrap the prestigious event’s 73rd iteration, Variety reported. Read More »

Antony Blinken is Minister of Guitar

At 78, Joe Biden will be the oldest president ever to enter office when he is inaugurated on January 20, 2021. But even so, his administration knows a thing or two about how to rock. Read More »

White House Oval Room

The Oval Office has been the main office for the president since President Taft first worked in it about October 1909. After his inauguration President Taft held a competition to select an architect to enlarge and make permanent the West Wing’s “temporary” Executive office built during Theodore Roosevelt’s first term. Read More »