Women went to the Free Indoor Stadium

The presence women in stadiums in the years after the 1979 revolution was limited to the policies of the Islamic Republic governing the separation of women and men.  In the seventies and eighties, the issue became more serious by appealing to women to watch sports games, especially soccer (which is the most popular sport), and the pressure of the Asian ... Read More »

Publication of posters on the persecution of women by Assistant to the President

With the release of these posters by the president’s assistant, many active users on virtual networks, including Telegram and Instagram, also shared these images and asked other users to publish the images on their pages to the culture building in this Help field. Read More »

Popular Tours For Start of Spring

Turkey Turkey’s Norouz tours usually take four days to one week, and most traveling to Istanbul are interested in the Taksim Square or the Independent Street, because these two areas are considered to be the capital of Istanbul, and to most shopping malls and restaurants. it’s close. There are various hotels in Turkey offering different services. From friendly hotels to ... Read More »

The most strange Iranian cemeteries in history

Baghlagh Cemetery Gardulgh is a Turkmen settlement in the Gorgan region of North Khorasan Province. The cemetery of Baghlat village is one of the oldest cemeteries in Khorasan, and its shape is different from the tombs in Iran. Read More »

Sympathizing with the families of the victims of the crash of the plane

Flight No. 3704 Skyline was a scheduled domestic flight from Tehran to Yasuj. On Sunday, Feb. 29, 1392, a 72-ton Airy Aircraft Aircraft Company (EP3704 / IRC3704) fell after reaching Mount Dana after a 50-minute flight from Tehran to Yasuj, near Semirom. This incident occurred near the village of Kohangan from the functions of Padna in one hundred and twenty ... Read More »

The beautiful nature of Urmia

Urmia is the largest city in West Azarbaijan province. Urmia is situated at an altitude of 1,330 metres (4,360 ft) above sea level, and is located along the Shahar Chay river (City River) on the Urmia Plain. Lake Urmia, one of the world’s largest salt lakes, lies to the east of the city, and the mountainous Turkish border area lies to ... Read More »

Photo Exhibition by Nikki Karimi

Nikki Karimi, who previously exhibited two photos of her photos, one in the Golestan Gallery in Iran and one in the Emirates’s Kort Yard Gallery, has today experienced a variety of photography styles, but photography is more natural in nature. Read More »

Tricks to Long-Lasting Marriages

Leila Hatami and Ali Mosafa; comfortably comforting Leila Hatami, 45, and Ali Masafa, 51, are in Iranian cinema; A lot of their professional behavior, the gender of their choices and their presence in the cinema, and so on The cultural heritage of both of them has transformed them into Iranian art stars. Read More »

Million dollar Idea startups

Digi-Kala   As the world’s largest online store, which plans to compete with Amazon in the Middle East, while having more user-cost and human-consuming costs than Snap, it holds about 80 percent of the country’s online retailers, with about two billion billion sales annually An equivalent of 120 billion USD is earning a net gain of approximately 100 billion Toman, ... Read More »

The opening of the Silver Gallery of Niusha Zayghami’s wife with the presence of celebrities!

The silver gallery of Arash, the opening ceremony of the gallery (Silver Arash), which belongs to the wife of Niusha Zaighami, was held on Pasargad Avenue in Tehran. There were artistic and media figures including Sayed Ali Zia, Maryam Amirjalali, Amin Hayyi, Roozbeh Moini, Parastoo Salehi, Nasrin Mohammadi, Elham Hamidi and others. Read More »