The cement factory used in the Paytakht 5 series

The “cement factory” located in the Safaiyah Shahr-e-Rey neighborhood, which was established in 1309 due to capital need for cement, closed this historic landmark without a national register in 1364 due to being located in the heart of the residential texture, and since then So far, is waiting for the “Museum of Industry”. Read More »

Some of our writers that got recognition is other countries

Sadegh Hedayat Sadegh Hedayat, in the light of the worldview and the transformation of the literary form, is considered to be the most important writer of modern literature, including the translation of the works of Hedayat, which is often referred to as reputable publishers. Read More »

The worst and most insecure countries in the world for women

Nigeria Only 17 percent of Nigerian women are between 15 and 24 years old. According to the International Children’s Rescue Service in 2016, Nigeria’s worst and best places for girls according to the Nigerian Children’s Marriage Act were introduced among the 144 worst countries since 76 percent of Nigerian girls marry under-18, and out of every 5 One person annually ... Read More »

The world’s richest kings and princes

Prince Karim Al-Husseini Aga Khan, Approximate fortune: $ 800 million Prince Karim Al-Husseini Agha Khan is the leader of the Ismaili Shiites of the World (Nizariyeh Sect), a well-known businessman and investor who has a special interest in horse breeding. He inherited his religious title from his grandfather and owns hundreds of horse races, horse farms and even large boats. Read More »

Company lunch samples for different professions around the world

Submarine crew, Russia Underwater lunches include hot foods such as peanut soup and Navy style pasta. Submarine crew eat caviar, but only when underwater. But lunch on the beach is not so diverse and often includes fish. They are advised to consume 1200 calories for lunch. Read More »

Avoid these foods during pregnancy

Sausages The sausage can contain Listeria bacteria, which causes a disease called Listeriosis. Symptoms of Listeriosis include fever, headache, dryness of the neck, and diarrhea. Listeria is especially dangerous for pregnant women, as it can lead to abortion, early delivery, delivery of a dead baby, or an infectious disease that can endanger the baby’s life. Read More »

Best Men Models in 2018

Brahim Zaibat Brahim Zaibat, born in 1986, is a famous French model. He was able to show himself in the profession so much that many celebrity shows called for him to collaborate. Her beautiful face and body is so proud that even Madonna, the star of the pope, also became interested in her and entered into a relationship with her. Read More »

Slalom Sailing tournament for men and ladies – Karaj

The Slalom Women’s Sailing Competition was held on Sunday 2 May with 20 boats from 9 provinces in the Karaj River and also continued until May 3rd in selected Kayak and Kano materials. The tournament was hosted by karate in order to select the members of the national team at the Asian Jakarta Asian Games. Read More »

Dangerous Animals That Are Deceptively Cute

Panda These black-and-white bears are one of the most loved mammals in the world. Pandas are often calm and spend most of the day eating bamboo. However, if they are at risk, they can be extremely dangerous. These animals can be harmed by their physical strength, powerful displacements, and their teeth. Read More »