TV reporter, personality Fariba Shirazi

Fariba Shirazi, was born in Tehran, and is a graduate of journalism from the Azad University, in Tehran. She  joined Iran International Network in 2017. Fariba is one of the best know personalities on the channel. In the past she had also worked with VOA and IranFarda. (Click on photos to see the next image) Would you like to become ... Read More »

The first floating restaurant in the capital

Royal Lounge is the first luxury boat resturant, which province a unique and ideal environment for conference, wedding, gatherings and othe ceremonies. This ferry boat also has a private space for official meeting and events. This two-story ferry boat has a maximum capacity of 80 people, with the capacity of 50 people on the first floor and 30 people on ... Read More »

Donya Jahanbakht and her son Arta

Influencers in social media are people who have built a reputation for their knowledge and expertise on a specific topic. They make regular posts about that topic on their preferred social media channels and generate large followings of enthusiastic, engaged people who pay close attention to their views. Brands love social media influencers because they can create trends and encourage ... Read More »

Photographs taken by Japanese tourists in the Yazd Desert

The Embassy of Japan on its dedicated page on Instagram posted pictures of Yazd desert entitled “Enjoy; Pomegranate and Desert” Are you looking to have a desert adventure, how about in the US? The desert can be a land of extreme conditions. Seared and barren deserts feature a stark and unembellished beauty not found anywhere else in the world. Open ... Read More »

Life size car wedding cake

You don’t get to see couples use a ‘car cake’ for their wedding all the time; but this couples made it possible. They used a car cake for their wedding. The amazing thing is that it’s not just an ordinary car cake; it’s a huge one and the couples could even take pictures inside of it. The pictures of the ... Read More »

Martial arts show of “Commanders Daughters”

Girls from different areas of the Capital Basij, on  Saturday, the eve of the second anniversary of death of the commander, gathered in the 12,000-seat freedom Hall in the capital city.  Displaying martial arts etiquette is considered one of the highest levels of practice in the arts. The martial arts instructor who teaches etiquette in his/her classes is a special ... Read More »

Shocking images of helpless people sleeping in buses

ISNA news agency has published pictures of people sleeping in buses at the capital. The report claims the nightly cost of sleeping in the bus is 25,000 Tomans and you are allowed to stay on the bus from just after midnight till five in the morning. When was the last time you gave thanks for your bed? For homeless people, ... Read More »

Street fashions, taking chances

 We often come across the term “street style” nowadays. It became quite popular in the past few years, but what does it really mean and when did it become a thing? Suburbanization, mass marketing, the franchising of restaurant and retail chains, the spread of television and not to mention, social media, may have increased the appeal of “alternative” lifestyles for ... Read More »

TV presenter birthday

Radio and television presenters entertain and inform programme audiences on national and regional stations, and satellite and cable channels. They act as the public face (or voice) on various types of programmes, including sports-based, current affairs and entertainment shows. They are also the centre point for programmes, responsible for keeping it flowing at the appropriate pace, introducing and interviewing guests, ... Read More »

Actress opens stylish restaurant

Architects are among the first people you should contact, possibly even before you sign the papers on the land or building you are buying or leasing. A restaurant architect can assess what you’re considering and help you get there or let you know why another way may be better. If you’ll renovate an existing building, the architect can evaluate it ... Read More »