Local food of Mashhad

What’s equally fun with food travel is getting to the point of some experience — where patterns begin to emerge and you take note of similarities among ingredients, cultural expressions, cooking techniques, and geography. Read More »

Game Cafe a gathering place for the young generation

Fekrkadeh is a set in which all kinds of games can be played, such as board games, PlayStation games, and escape room games. You can also drink your favorite foods next to the games. This collection was established in 1995 and 1996 and currently has six branches. Read More »

Utopia Store Department

The newly launched Utopia Store department is a response to the needs of the area and respect for people seeking their ideal life. It can be said that one of the most prestigious shopping centers on Fereshteh Street with the highest level of visibility is “Utopia”. Read More »

Historical cafe

A beautiful cafe in the garden that belonged to the wife of an army commander during the reign of Reza Shah!‌ “Jarreh Cafe Restaurant” in the heart of the garden of the Museum of Iranian Art (in Elahieh area) is one of the most beautiful and hearty cafes in capital, which just started operations, with a varied menu of Persian ... Read More »

Arrest of 41 people in connection with modeling in Hamedan

The Hamadan Revolutionary Guards announced the arrest of 41 people in connection with “photography” and “modeling” in this province.Ali Akbar Karimpour claimed on Monday, March 2, about what he called the “destruction of a culturally disruptive organized network” without providing evidence that these individuals had worked for “networks” opposed to the Islamic Republic “abroad.” Read More »

Famous pre-revolutionary Bistropop nightclubs

Lebistropop “or Bistropop was a famous cabaret in the pre-revolutionary period, which was designed by a French team in 1348 and a hangout for French actors, singers, politicians and diplomats! ‌‌”Farhad ‌Mehrad” has been one of the singers here ‌.In the years after the revolution, this place was used as a location for movies until it started working again in ... Read More »

New pictures of Shiva Safai

Shiva Safai wears a number of fabulous titles. She’s the fiancée of real estate developer Mohamed Hadid, and she’s the soon-to-be stepmother to supermodels Gigi and Bella Hadid (plus three additional children). Now, with the return of E!’s reality hit, Second Wives Club, the 35-year-old is donning yet another title: television personality. Read More »

Cuban style cafe

A Cuban coffee, or cafecito, is the nation’s history in a cup. Iconic trademarks associated with a cafecito — such as its slightly bitter flavor, the sweet espuma capping the dark-brown brew, and the dainty demitasse cups, or tacitas, in which it is served — mirror the history of a nation bruised by turmoil, hardship, and scarcity. Read More »

Unsuccessful actor surgery

Photos of a Chinese actress’ unsuccessful cosmetic surgery went viral on social media on Thursday, February 4. The actress, Gao Lui, has warned about the dangers of such surgery by posting images of her damaged nose on her Sina Weibo account, while netizens began asking for tighter regulation of the cosmetic surgery industry in the country. Read More »

Actress Shahin Khalili

In the past few years, Hollywood has been trying to become more female-friendly through initiatives that look to hire more women in front of the camera and behind the scenes. But, Hollywood still has a serious woman problem. Read More »