Modeling Maria Zola football player’s wife

Maria Zulay Salaues Antelo is a Bolivian model who resides in the United States. Salaues received international recognition in 2018 when she started dating Paul Pogba, the Manchester United footballer. Read More »

6 illustrations to teach children about coronavirus

Millions of children around the world are isolated at home with their families without going to school due to the coronavirus pandemic.For these children, as for adults, it is an exceptional situation that, depending on their age, may be difficult for them to understand. From the United Nations Children’s Fund (Unicef) they recommend talking to children about the coronavirus “in ... Read More »

Funeral of an old man with his favorite car!

An old mandala literally took the phrase “ride or die” to the next level after he made a death wish to be buried with his car, literally. It was apparently the deceased’s final wish to take his ride with him to the next life. The old man was buried in his car as per wish. Read More »

Family of 4 living in 300-square-foot tent reveal self-sufficient

Zac and Katie Ruiz have been living in a 300-square-foot tent since 2017. The couple was living in a small apartment in California, and they were unhappy. Katie Ruiz inherited an acre of land in New Mexico, and Zac told Insider in 2019 that they wanted to move onto it so they could “break the cycle” of just working to ... Read More »

Check out the Las Vegas Strip, without the 42 million visitors

The Las Vegas strip is feeling the effects of coronavirus as a number of resorts and casinos close in an effort to create social distancing. Wynn Resorts has announced it will close its Wynn Las Vegas and Encore properties beginning on Tuesday and continuing for two weeks. Read More »

Surprising Facts About Firstborns

If you’re a parent, chances are you’ve thought about birth order and how it affects your kids. Am I harder on my firstborn? Do my kids have a normal sibling relationship? Does the order in which the kids were born really matter in the long run? Turns out it does. Scientists have done extensive studies on family make-up and how ... Read More »

Spring Breakers in Florida beaches

It’s spring break and even a pandemic doesn’t appear to be stopping some people’s plans.As many Americans continue practicing social distancing to help curb the spread of the new coronavirus, videos and photos of spring breakers in Florida have poured in, showing many undeterred by the threat of COVID-19. Read More »

7 The tools you need to get rid of in the new year

Cause of appearance: laziness Usually, we can’t be bothered to look through various receipts and notebooks to determine whether or not we still need them. It’s easier to dump these pieces of paper on a shelf than to decide which ones are worth getting rid of. Examples of such paperwork include: Old bills and receiptsGadget manuals and warranties Advertising flyers ... Read More »

Designer Fashion socks are in right now

Elswan is a designer sock brand in the capital. Click here to visit their Instagram page or here to visit their website… Giving a wardrobe staple the appeal of a luxury item, our Fall curation of women’s socks and stockings caters to both leisure and refinement. Explore classic whites and staple blacks while delving into gradations of pink, blue and ... Read More »

Thousands of tourists get caught in a hotel suspected of being a Corona

A thousand guests and workers at a hotel in Tenerife have been quarantined after an Italian doctor and his wife tested positive for coronavirus, and as the first cases of the disease were detected in Austria, Croatia and Switzerland.The number of confirmed cases of the virus in Spain rose to five on Tuesday afternoon after an Italian woman living in ... Read More »