Celebrations with Christmas Pine

Actors and Actresses celebrating Christmas next to a xmas tree. Have your ever thought what is the origins of gifting in Christmas? During a week when so many Americans have experienced some combination of joy, rage, and frustration in seeking the perfect holiday gifts for their children, it seems appropriate to pause and ask: Where did the practice of giving ... Read More »

Yalda at the Luxury Restaurant

Actress Nasrin Maghanloo celebrated longest night of the year with her family at a retaurant in the capital. Shab-e Yalda or Shab-e Chelleh is a festival celebrated on the “longest and darkest night of the year”, known as solstice in the rest of the world. Read More »

Colorful dinner table at prison cell theme restaurant

When it comes to unique eateries, New York has been known to have quite a few out-of-the ordinary places that are worth checking out. We’ve previously mentioned the Empire State’s cheese themed restaurant down in the Catskills and our cow themed restaurant out on Long Island, but there’s another not-so average themed dining establishment out along our Southern Tier that ... Read More »

What are the most expensive brands in the world?

Óscar Arístides Renta Fiallo (22 July 1932 – 20 October 2014), known professionally as Oscar de la Renta, was a Dominican fashion designer. Born in Santo Domingo, he was trained by Cristóbal Balenciaga and Antonio del Castillo. De la Renta became internationally known in the 1960s as one of the couturiers who dressed Jacqueline Kennedy. He worked for Lanvin and Balmain. Read More »

Air travel and the dangers to our health

By far the most common health risk of flying is picking up illness from fellow travelers. Your immune system is already somewhat compromised due to the fact that you’re sitting in a pressurized airplane cabin for hours. Factor in the 200 strangers with whom you are sharing recycled air, and the risk of germs spreading is obvious. Read More »

Fashion picks for woman actresses

The most stylish female celebrities manage to capture our attention with their stunning fashion choices. Whether it’s a classic Hollywood red carpet style or a more bold, unique outfit worn for a night on the town, the women on this list are without a doubt one of a kind fashionistas. They aren’t afraid to take risks with their clothes, their ... Read More »

Co-ed sporting gym is shutdown

A co-ed gym in Fereshteh Ave. area of the capital was shut down by the moral police. Having women and men working out next to each other which is not allowed by national laws. Ever wonder how people overseas feel about women only gyms? Read More »

Important social skills we need to teach our children

There is a tendency to assume that toddlers learn social skills by playing with one another in social settings. This is, however, only part of the process. In fact, the journey begins a long time before a child gets to interact with peers. Read More »

Best wedding photos taken in 2019

Wedding guests expressed their love for couples in different ways. Wedding guests threw confetti on these brides to celebrate their wedding in photographer Joe Scriven’s shot. Read More »

Luxury Tower Roman Style Residence

Apartment renters these days typically grab the first unit that is available, and often don’t consider the position–within the building or complex– their apartment will ultimately be located. Sure, it’s not always possible to get the unit you request, but here are some things to ask yourself while you’re out leasing your next apartment. Read More »