7 The tools you need to get rid of in the new year

Cause of appearance: laziness Usually, we can’t be bothered to look through various receipts and notebooks to determine whether or not we still need them. It’s easier to dump these pieces of paper on a shelf than to decide which ones are worth getting rid of. Examples of such paperwork include: Old bills and receiptsGadget manuals and warranties Advertising flyers ... Read More »

Designer Fashion socks are in right now

Elswan is a designer sock brand in the capital. Click here to visit their Instagram page or here to visit their website… Giving a wardrobe staple the appeal of a luxury item, our Fall curation of women’s socks and stockings caters to both leisure and refinement. Explore classic whites and staple blacks while delving into gradations of pink, blue and ... Read More »

Thousands of tourists get caught in a hotel suspected of being a Corona

A thousand guests and workers at a hotel in Tenerife have been quarantined after an Italian doctor and his wife tested positive for coronavirus, and as the first cases of the disease were detected in Austria, Croatia and Switzerland.The number of confirmed cases of the virus in Spain rose to five on Tuesday afternoon after an Italian woman living in ... Read More »

A different wedding celebration

Weddings don’t always go exactly to plan, but as coronavirus infections continue to rise, one celebration went ahead without the bride and groom.Singapore couple Joseph Yew and his wife Kang Ting returned from a trip to China just days before their wedding.When guests expressed concerns about attending, the couple found a way to allay their fears. Read More »

The most famous food from Tourists

Food Tourism starts to catch on with mainstream tourism with the help and exposure from social media and television shows. Food tourism now includes the full range of experiences, cooking classes, producer visits, enjoying street food, discovering locals-only hole in the wall pubs, touring dramatic wineries, or diving into a one-of-a-kind restaurants. There is something for everyone in the food ... Read More »

The luxurious life of the son of a former president

 Political nepotism is nothing more than nascent monarchism. And it is on an increase around the world with the rise of political dynasties exercising control over both government and business. These de facto monarchies mask themselves as democracies, however, they are turning some democracies into kleptocracies, where a select group of corrupt politicians loot the national treasuries, and kakistocracies, where ... Read More »

Travel to Dubai and what to do

Dubai Fountains is the world’s biggest orchestrated fountains (902 ft long) is another addition to the “world’s first” list of man made structures located in UAE. 25 coloured projectors and 6600 lights is what it takes to create the illumination for these fountains. The beam of lights from the fountain can be seen from over 33 kms away .Located right ... Read More »

Celebrations with Christmas Pine

Actors and Actresses celebrating Christmas next to a xmas tree. Have your ever thought what is the origins of gifting in Christmas? During a week when so many Americans have experienced some combination of joy, rage, and frustration in seeking the perfect holiday gifts for their children, it seems appropriate to pause and ask: Where did the practice of giving ... Read More »

Yalda at the Luxury Restaurant

Actress Nasrin Maghanloo celebrated longest night of the year with her family at a retaurant in the capital. Shab-e Yalda or Shab-e Chelleh is a festival celebrated on the “longest and darkest night of the year”, known as solstice in the rest of the world. Read More »

Colorful dinner table at prison cell theme restaurant

When it comes to unique eateries, New York has been known to have quite a few out-of-the ordinary places that are worth checking out. We’ve previously mentioned the Empire State’s cheese themed restaurant down in the Catskills and our cow themed restaurant out on Long Island, but there’s another not-so average themed dining establishment out along our Southern Tier that ... Read More »