Rafael Nadal and Shakira secret romantic relationship

It seems like a lot of secret romance is brewing amongst the celebrities as the latest reports are Shakira dated Rafael Nadal. Just recently, Brad Pitt was making the headlines after it was suggested that he might be seeing Emily Ratajkowski romantically. Now, it is said that the Hips Don’t singer allegedly had a relationship with the tennis player For ... Read More »

Climb to Damavand peak

A dormant volcano with a narrow summit. Location Alborz Mountains, Iran. Height 5671. The earliest recorded ascent of Damavand was made in 905 by Abu Dolaf Kazraji, although others unknown may have preceded him. Three centuries later Yaqut, the great Byzantine/Arab geographer, attempted to climb Damavand but failed to reach the summit. However, the local people who served him as ... Read More »

Lady Gaga in Versace clothes

After posing in the Italian brand’s apparel and accessories, Lady Gaga is looking glamorous in Versace shades. The design house has revealed the first images of its latest eyewear campaign featuring its star spokesmodel. The decor is the same as in Versace’s latest handbag and ready-to-wear campaigns. Posing on a couch, Lady Gaga looks both glamorous. Shot by the fashion ... Read More »

Who is dancer nadia

Successful dancers need to have excellent balance so they can move their bodies without falling or losing their sense of rhythm. They also need to be agile, flexible, coordinated, and musical. Artistic ability and creativity are common characteristics found in dancers, as they need to be creative in order to express ideas through movement. Professional dancers are often physically active ... Read More »

Egyptian Princess Fawzia Fuad

In many ways, the early life of Princess Fawzia of Egypt sounds like that of a fairytale. A beautiful princess with movie star good looks that saw her compared to iconic beauties of the time Hedy Lamarr and Vivien Leigh, she grew up in the bucolic surroundings of the Ras el-Tin Palace in Alexandria, much adored and mollycoddled. Cecil Beaton, ... Read More »

Birthday party in Turkey

Destination Turkey, a Nations Online country profile of the Turkish nation located between Europe and Asia. The Republic of Turkey is located on the Anatolian peninsula in western Asia and a small enclave in Thrace in the Balkan region of Southeast Europe. Turkey has a coastline on the Mediterranean Sea in the south and east and on the Black Sea ... Read More »

Iraqi Foreign Ministry brings back its ambassador to Jordan

The Iraqi Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced on Saturday it brought back to Baghdad its ambassador to Jordan, according to a press statement issued by the Iraqi Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ahmed Al-Sahaf, said in a statement that the ministry brought back the Iraqi Ambassador to Jordan, Haider Al-Adhari, to Baghdad, according ... Read More »

How Did Pique Meet His New Girlfriend

Gerard Pique is back in the limelight after he publicly confirmed his relationship with Clara Chia; kissing at a Dani Martin concert! The Barcelona defender may have started his relationship with Clara much earlier than June 4, when his split from Shakira was announced. This was confirmed by Vanitatis, who cites sources close to the player, claiming that Pique “had ... Read More »

Sylvester Stallone divorce after 25 years

Jennifer Flavin filed for divorce from Sylvester Stallone in August 2022 after 25 years together. Stallone is known for playing iconic title characters in movie franchises such as Rocky and Rambo, and has appeared in dozens of other films — nearly 80 total — as well as a number of TV shows and has hosted Saturday Night Live. Flavin, 53, ... Read More »

The crown prince’s visit to England

England is in north-west Europe and is in the southern part of Great Britain. It is an island country and also part of the United Kingdom (UK) . England is the largest country in Great Britain and the UK. It is sometimes, wrongly, used in reference to the whole United Kingdom, the entire island of Great Britain, or indeed the ... Read More »