Mona Katan Entrepreneur Wedding

Mona Kattan is no stranger to success. The cosmetics company that she founded with her sisters has grown to a formidable size, and it’s used by many celebrities. She followed that triumph by becoming a fragrance designer, and she recently released her sixth perfume. In 2018, Kattan and her sisters starred in a reality show about their lives and their business, called Huda Boss. According to Grazia, the first season of the show made her realize that she was ready to share her life with someone special.  She didn’t have to wait very long for that person, because just a few months later she met Dominic Nowell-Barnes on the dating app Tinder. Their relationship seemed promising, and he was the first boyfriend she introduced to her parents. After just a few months of dating, Nowell-Barnes converted to Islam, which is Kattan’s religion.