Ajda Pekkan Concert in Bodrum

Ajda Pekkan was born in Istanbul in 1946. She spent her childhood at the naval base in Gölcük, surrounded with a modern environment, in the middle of American families. In 1962, at the beginning of her musical career, she appeared as a singer at a very popular club of the time called Cati with support of her sister Semiramis Pekkan. ... Read More »

The best plastic surgeons

Plastic surgeons are focused on reconstructive procedures. They can see patients who have conditions like birth disorders, injuries, illnesses, or burns. Many plastic surgeons choose to become cosmetic surgeons and do procedures to change a patient’s appearance or aesthetic. But not all plastic surgeons are also cosmetic surgeons. Plastic surgery is one of the most competitive routes in the medical ... Read More »

Car copy

The PASAT is a measure of cognitive function that assesses auditory information processing speed and flexibility, as well as calculation ability. It was developed by Gronwell in 1977 and later adapted by Rao and colleagues in 1989 for use in MS. The PASAT is presented using audio cassette tape or compact disk to ensure standardization in the rate of stimulus ... Read More »

Princess Firoozeh Vokhshouri

Firouzeh Vokhshouri (born 7 August 1948) is a Jordanian diplomat and former member of the Jordanian royal family. She was married to Prince Asem bin Nayef from 1974 through 1985. She has three daughters with her ex-husband: Princess Yasmin (born 30 June 1975), Princess Sarah (born 12 August 1978), Princess Noor (born 6 October 1982). Vokhshouri has been an attaché ... Read More »

About Elahe Sharifpour

Elahe Sharifpour-Hicks has been defending human rights for more than two decades. She was the Iran researcher for the Human Rights Watch from 1994 to 2001, and is currently the manager of Human Rights and Planning at New York. On the tenth anniversary of the Human Rights Activists (HRAI), Ms. Sharifpour-Hicks tells Peace Line monthly: “The most positive feature of ... Read More »

2021 Olympic uniforms

The Tokyo 2020 Olympics Opening Ceremony will officially kick off the beginning of the Games tomorrow. The ceremony will take place in the early hours of US Eastern time due to Tokyo’s time difference. Tokyo, Japan is 13 hours ahead of US Eastern time, so many of the events — including the Opening Ceremony — will be replayed each day. ... Read More »

Reactions to the problems of Khuzestan

Police opened fire late Sunday night amid protests against water shortages in southwestern, a video showed, the latest unrest after days of demonstrations that have seen at least one person killed. The video from the Human Rights Activists News Agency by Human Rights Activists in Iran showed the shooting in Susangerd, which has been an epicenter of demonstrations in Iran’s ... Read More »

Cher in Portofino, Italy

The 75-year-old entertainer was seen making her way off of a yacht as she and her friends made their way to dinner at I Gemelli restaurant on Saturday evening (July 17) in Portofino, Italy. For her night out, Cher looked in an all black outfit as she enjoyed dinner and drinks with her friends.The Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again ... Read More »

Azardokht Pahlavi

Gholamreza Pahlavi truly felt himself accepted as a member of Iran’s ruling family. Then, as now, Iran was going through extraordinary turbulence, buffeted by the rival claims of Britain and Russia, both of which, along with the United States, hoped to dominate its burgeoning oil industry. Though an ancient kingdom, with a civilisation stretching back several thousand years, Persia (as ... Read More »

Actor Faramarz Gharibian

Faramarz Gharibian was Born in 1941. Traveled to the United States in 1967 to study acting at the college of Visual Art but returned home on the recommendation of the film director Masud Kimiai to appear in The Soil (1973), which Kimiai was planning to shoot. This was Gharibian’s first serious involvement in cinema as an actor. Before The Soil ... Read More »