7 less known places in northern for travel

The Pasand Foggy Jungle The beautiful Pasand Village and the beautiful Pasad Rose area just after three kilometers eastward on the right side of the highway along the Pasand River with a big panel. The pristine and unspoilt forest, which is visited annually by large groups of massive forests. Read More »

The strange sporting tournament held in the world

Cheese Rolling How to play: At the annual Cooper’s Hill Cheese – Rolling and Wake event shown above, contestants gather on the top of a very steep hill as an approximately 8 lb hunk of cheese is thrown down the hill.The first to chase down the cheese then wins the title and the cheese.The cheese supposedly can travel up to ... Read More »

Gold lacquered foods

Ancient food is gold. Gold is not just a chemical and ornamental element, it has come to people’s food and has found many fans. The reason why food is welcomed by many people is not toxic and there is no sensibility among consumers. Read More »

9 Famous and Successful YouTube Songs

PrankvsPrank Subscriber : 10 million Jesse Mewalnz and Jenna Smith are the married couple who launched an interesting and innovative idea in 2007 that brought together fun and sometimes dangerous jokes, and then made videos that were made on YouTube on YouTube. They put it. Read More »

Medical Sciences Student University Residences

University of Medical Sciences is the largest, “most distinguished”, and most highly-ranked medical university. In September 2008, Minister of Health, Treatment, and Medical Education, Dr. Lankarani, called TUMS a pioneer in research throughout the country with a noticeable lead over its peer universities. Read More »

What color do we wear in different ceremonies?

Wedding Surely you also love to shine on a wedding day, even as a guest. When talking about the color of the coat in a wedding ceremony, we often think of dark colors like black and mild, but in the hot season of the year, like spring and summer, you can think of other bright colors. Read More »

Familiarity with the most famous custards of Capital

Jam-e- Jam Alaedin In this Kort food, there are branches of such renowned restaurants and coffee shops as these brands in the field of nutrition, such as the Italian Restaurant Liro, the Chinese buffet and Sushi Barzik, Aladdin Fast Food, the International Kabob’s House, the Lavanese Seafood, the Foods Collection Traditional Guest, Italian Restaurant Murano, Traditional Fast Food, Zizhi Casseroles, ... Read More »

Golshifteh Farahani Dazzles in CARTIER

Golshifteh Farahani Dazzles in CARTIER at The Premiere of Les Filles Du Soleil during the 71st Annual Cannes Film Festival. Golshifteh Farahani Dazzles, an Iranian actress, performed at the 71st Cannes Film Festival in France, dazzling on the red carpet. a ruby Cartier High Jewelry Read More »

Nice International Film Festival 2018

Ms Ebrahimi was nominated for best actress in a foreign movie in Nice film festival for the film: Bride Price VS Democracy .The film highlights issues and problems concerning the concepts of democracy and equality, providing knowledge of another culture and shows the remaining problems of the so-called second generation. [Link to movie website] Read More »