Wrestling Ladies Classic League

Wrestling is a combat sport involving grappling type techniques such as clinch fighting, throws and takedowns, joint locks, pins and other grappling holds. The sport can either be theatrical for entertainment (see professional wrestling), or genuinely competitive. Read More »

Putin’s personal plane of the Russian President!

The Russian presidential aircraft are aircraft of the Russian presidential fleet used by the President of Russia and other government officials, the presidential fleet is operated by Rossiya Airlines. Read More »

Tina Khadivi a Finalist in Miss World Canada

This year, Miss World Canada gave me the  opportunity to be selected as a finalist to represents Quebec for the 2018 pageant! The annual pageant is held each summer in Toronto, Ontario. Read More »

Popular women’s makeup in different countries

United States Bold colors + Long eyelashes In the United States, the bold arrangement has a lot of fans, for example, Americans use shades of color, such as blue and purple, or line-ups. For lipstick, they also use colors such as red, orange and giggery. Read More »

Urmia Lake

Lake Urmia is an endorheic salt lake. The lake is between the provinces of East Azerbaijan and West Azerbaijan, and west of the southern portion of the Caspian Sea. Read More »

Shakira in Lebanon

BEIRUT: Award-winning singer and songwriter Shakira will perform at the Cedars International Festival (CIF) in Lebanon on July 13, as part of her El Dorado World Tour according to the National News Agency. In a statement released Wednesday, CIF announced that Shakira would be part of the opening ceremony on Friday, July 13, in line with the festival’s goal to ... Read More »

Escape from heat to Ganjnameh Hamedan

Hamedan is believed to be among the oldest Iranian cities. It is possible that it was occupied by the Assyrians in 1100 BCE; the Ancient Greek historian, Herodotus, states that it was the capital of the Medes, around 700 BCE. Read More »

The Cities Where People Have The Fewest Cars

Oslo, Norway  Oslo plans to permanently ban all cars from its city center by 2019 — six years before Norway’s country-wide ban would go into effect.The Norwegian capital will invest heavily in public transportation and replace 35 miles of roads previously dominated by cars with bike lanes. Read More »

Megan Markel and Kate Middleton while watching Wimbledon Tennis Matches!

The two duchesses will be watching an important game at the Ladies’ Singles Final, with Williams up against Germany’s Angelique Kerber. If she triumphs, she will match Margaret Court’s record for most Grand Slam titles, with an impressive 24. Read More »

Take a look at the most luxurious trains in Japan

While trains like Japan’s Shinkanson are world-famous for their enormous speed, other trains are built in the shining sun that are much more famous and attractive than the fast-paced ones. Read More »