Very luxurious birthday of the actor

The acting profession offers many formats and media types in which to display your performing talent. As an actress, you may be able to work in TV commercials, stage plays, films, live events and more. Understanding what actresses do on a regular basis and what they need to be successful in an acting career can help better prepare you. In ... Read More »

The TV presenter who sent a message to Ali Karimi

TV presenters act as the public face of a television program. They’re responsible for introducing guests, welcoming the audience and holding the entire show together. A good TV presenter can make a show far more exciting to watch, while bad presentation skills can often ruin the entertainment on a show. Being a TV presenter offers a very exciting lifestyle, especially ... Read More »

Maria Vasilevich, 26 years old, and Lukashenko

Lukashenko, an ex-collective farm boss from the Soviet era, who has been dubbed “Europe’s last dictator”, has ruled Belarus with an iron fist since 1994. Opposition politicians are harshly punished for organising protests against the regime. Results published on Monday showed not a single opposition candidate had won a seat in a weekend parliamentary election — although Ms Vasilevich, who ... Read More »

Who is Patrick Bakhtiar

Patrick Bakhtiar, the son of Shapour Bakhtiar, the last prime minister before the Revolution, died. He lived in Irvine, California, in his last years and died in America after twenty years of fighting several types of cancer. He was a dentist and also teaching French in America. Shapour Bakhtiar, son of Mohammad Reza (Sardar-e Fateh) and Naz-Baygom was born in ... Read More »

Politician in sports

The Filipino boxing legend is aiming for that one punch that will make him one of the powerful figures in the world. The 42-year-old, who has been a Senator since 2016 and was a Representative previously, is contesting in the 2022 Philippine presidential election. To dedicate himself fully to his people and politics, Pacquiao formally retired from boxing on 29 ... Read More »


Spectacular Indian dance performances by Indian, Polish & Norwegian dance troupes and a stunning act by The International stunt academy of Norway. The Opening ceremony was all glitter with guests from India, Norway & Bangladesh. Indian Filmmaker Rahul Mittra, Indian Actor Saurabh Shukla, Indian Action Director Sham Kaushal, Actor Director Mohammad Reza,  Actress Helia Emami, Mayor of Lørenskog Ragnhild Bergheim, ... Read More »

Kate Middleton visit Muslim center

Kate Middleton is showing support for Turkey and Syria. The Prince and Princess of Wales visited the Hayes Muslim Centre in London today to meet with fundraisers who have supported the countries after their recent devastating earthquakes. The princess covered her head with a white headscarf featuring a black embroidered design by Pakistani brand Élan, which perfectly matched a look ... Read More »

The chess grandmaster on the cover of Vogue magazine

She is one of top chess players who made headlines around the world when she went into exile for refusing to wear a headscarf at the 2022 FIDE World Rapid and Blitz Championships. Now, in the International Women’s Day edition of Elle magazine, IM Sarasadat Khademalsharieh—also known as Sara Khadem—is featured on the cover in her adopted country of Spain. ... Read More »

Bride-to-be Princess Iman showered with love at henna party

Princess Iman of Jordan was celebrated by family and friends ahead of her wedding day. Queen Rania held a henna party in honor of her eldest daughter on Tuesday. Sharing pictures from the celebration, the Queen wrote in Arabic (translated to English): “We took care of the bride and showered her with love, and with all the family, our joy ... Read More »

The new style of the actress in Dubai

Dubai is like nowhere else in the Middle East. In fact, it’s like nowhere else on the planet. With some of the world’s tallest skyscrapers perched where the desert meets the sea, this is a city that’s changed dramatically from its days as a fishing port. The towering Burj Al Arab is the most defining sight, although its beaches are ... Read More »