Trump’s Private Helicopter Worth over $1 Million up for Sale

Donald Trump’s personal helicopter and mainstay throughout his career has hit the market for a price tag of more than $1 million.The soon-to-be ousted president has never been shy about his love of private jets and helicopters, owning three choppers and several other private aircrafts.And now bidders could get their hands on the Sikorsky S-76B; Trump’s personal helicopter which was ... Read More »

10 Things Dogs Can Smell That Humans Can’t

Coronavirus It’s true! Cindy Otto, Director of the University of Pennsylvania’s Working Dog Center, is currently training eight Labrador Retrievers to sniff out COVID-19. If the study is successful, dogs will be able to screen people for coronavirus in airports, hospitals, and other public gathering spots. Read More »

Meet the daughter of the mine minister

Not every child who has been given a helpful push by a powerful parent gets her own hashtag, but that’s what happened last June, when, at the G20 summit meeting in Osaka, Japan, Ivanka Trump—thitherto not known for the depth of her expertise in geopolitics—decided to put in her two cents’ worth during a conversation with Theresa May, Justin Trudeau, ... Read More »

The birth of Naeema Nezamdoost

While COVID-19 may have limited people’s abilities to actively go out and celebrate their birthdays, that doesn’t mean creative celebrations can’t happen indoors. As social distancing becomes the reality for millions of Americans, the notion of celebrating birthdays with lockdown restrictions leads to sparks of creativity. Read More »

New pictures of Karroubi

One of most prominent opposition leaders ended a one-day hunger strike on Thursday, after the government agreed to meet some of his demands, his son reported on social media. Read More »

Real characters

This weekend, Netflix dropped a brand new series from the busiest man in television, Ryan Murphy! Starring several familiar faces, Hollywood is a sentimental retelling of America’s less than politically correct Golden Age. Read More »

Serials that stopped

Earlier this year, we were celebrating the trend of beloved TV shows getting to end on their own terms. Arrow, Schitt’s Creek and The Good Place all said goodbye in exactly the way its creative team had planned. Bows were tied and I’s were dotted. Read More »

Mississippi history wins Miss USA crown

Asya Branch, a student at the University of Mississippi, set a number of firsts in her home state when she won the Miss USA 2020 title on Monday evening at Elvis Presley’s Graceland in Memphis, Tennessee. Read More »

New photos of Zohreh Fakoor Saboor

Want to know how to become a model? Do you dream of being the next Gigi Hadid, gracing the cover of Vogue? Modeling as a career has become a much-vaunted choice now with thousands of aspirants chasing the dream of becoming the next supermodel. Read More »

What celebrities think about Joe Biden

On Saturday November 7, Joe Biden was declared the President-Elect of the 2020 election, having won the popular vote, the most votes for any candidate ever, and 273 electoral votes, with some states still outstanding. Read More »