Collagen-Boosting Foods

Garlic It works with medicinal properties as a natural antibiotic and also contains plenty of sulfur. This mineral that has detoxification properties helps to produce collagen. Read More »

Infant Flower Rolls in Damghan Amiriyah

The newlyweds in the city of Amiryah Damghan is one of the ancient national traditions in Semnan province, which is held on the first spring of the infant’s life. Read More »

Which countries use US dollars

Cambodia Angkor Wat (City of Temples) is one of the wonders of the South East Asia country, which is enough to attract a lot of tourists. It is also one of the countries that you probably did not know about using the US dollar. Read More »

Exciting fun in Capital

Banjie Jumping Handling problems to the ankle Bungee Jumping Sports is a high-speed crash experience for you. Perhaps the head-to-head scrolls seem scary, but professional bobby jumping claims that after every jump with this device, they smile with a reminder for a couple of weeks, and life problems have no effect on their well-being. Read More »

Good-earned home-grown jobs

Web developer or mobile apps Developing mobile and web apps are two of the most sought after applications in the world of programming. Bingo on Android and iOS, JavaScript, Python, Robbie, or any programming language you’re running and the job market needs is a good opportunity to come to you. Read More »

Natural phenomena you must see at least once

Polar stratospheric cloud Location: Highlands like Iceland, Scandinavia, Alaska, Northern Canada and Antarctica Polar stratospheric clouds are colorful pearl clouds that form at high altitudes. Unlike most clouds, these clouds form in a stratosphere at very cold temperatures and receive sunlight from below the horizon. Read More »

Beauty Trends & Methods Throughout History

15th-17th Century: High-heeled shoes During the fifteenth and seventeenth centuries, women wore high-heeled shoes in order to prevent their skirts and clothes from falling. At the time, these shoes were considered to be the social status of the people, so that people judged each other according to the shape and gender of the shoes. Read More »

Get to know the strangest eating habits in different European countries

Never drink in Spain with a soup of water The people of Spain traditionally believe that they should never drink water with an octopus or soup because they damage the stomach. In the event of thirst, you can drink alcohol-free drinks. Read More »

10 Wonderful mysteries about airplanes that you probably did not know about

Hooks on the wing of the plane In most airplanes, the emergency exit door opens to the wings, and in emergency situations, passengers will have to park on flat wings and slippers. For this to be easier for travelers, a flask is designed on each wing with a safety rope or safety cord, with one side being connected to the ... Read More »