Fun facts about traveling to space you did not know

Astronauts drink their recycled urine Access to fresh water is difficult in space. The American astronauts at the International Space Station will further recover their water through recycling and recycling using the Blue Water Recovery System, which NASA has introduced in 2009. As its name implies, this system allows astronauts to reuse more of the water that the body loses ... Read More »

Interesting and incredible facts about identical twins

Twins have different fingerprints   When you say that the identical twins mean that they are also copied from every thought that they think. But despite this incredible and inconceivable appearance, you should know that their fingerprints are completely different. But how does this happen with all this similarity? The answer is that these crooked bumps on our fingers, which ... Read More »

The first female concert Hiba Tawaji in Saudi Arabia

Hiba Michel Tawaji born December 10, 1987 is a Lebanese soprano coloratura singer (4 octave vocal-range), actress, and director. She played the main female role in some of the most known Rahbani musicals. She also participated in the fourth season of France’s version of The Voice, in which she was coached by Mika. Read More »

Break these fashion rules to make them more engaging

The color of your skin is important in choosing the color you choose. For example, if you have red or yellow skin tones, it means that your skin is warm, with more golden colors. But if your skin is blue, you have a cold skin that is more in color than silver. But in the end, you can use different ... Read More »

The most advanced hotels in the world in terms of technology

Hotel hub by Premier Inn, London, United Kingdom Do not disturb the “do not disturb” continuously or hang up the air conditioning systems for the proper temperature? Of course, we accept that these are more of a problem for the rich, but you will not be worried about this at London’s Hub Beimerie Hotel. The hotel’s exclusive app can be ... Read More »

Snow honeymoon in the world’s best ski

Poland Ski Resort is a memorable choice for the honeymoon The winter ski resort is on the slopes of the Alps. There are many recreational facilities available for snowmobiling and skiing enthusiasts, and in terms of sightseeing, one of the best tracks in the world’s ski resorts. Read More »

World’s Biggest Hotel Will Have 10,000 Rooms, 4 helipads and 70 Restaurants

A new hotel opens in the city of Mecca, which, upon completion, will occupy 10,000 rooms and 70 restaurants in its 1.4 million square meters to accommodate the richest pilgrims in the Persian Gulf and other countries. In a desert valley on the west side of Saudi Arabia is the sacred city of Mecca.  Known as Islam’s holiest city, it’s ... Read More »

Sacred animals worshiped throughout history

Ptoscous Lizard In ancient Egypt, “Sobek” was one of the gods who had close ties with the crocodiles who lived on the Nile. There are sculptures and paintings from Ancient Egypt that show the Suquet in a human form with the head of a crocodile or a simple crocodile. Since the flood of the Nile River was very important for ... Read More »

Footballers who entered the field of politics

Kaha Kalladze, mayor “Kaha Kalladzeh” went to Milan for many years and although he was always a very moderate footballer, he was a mythical figure for the Georgian people who watched the stars of the ship. After the end of the game, he did not want to stay with football and became Georgia’s energy minister. The Kahla, who once came ... Read More »