10 Hidden danger in the corners of the house that threatens our health

Toxic dust The TDCIPP is a type of flammable (a substance that slows down the chemical interaction that causes flammability), which is often found in furniture and other home furnishings, and is carcinogenic, the phthalate substance often found in toys and flooring There is a vinyl and a phenol substance commonly used in detergent products. Read More »

The clothes made by the Queen of England!

Royal Crown The crown has a very special position in royal families and is inherited from a queen to other queens. The crowns that Queen Elizabeth puts on her is so beautiful and special that attracts everyone’s eyes, even the inspiration of many people, including the stars. As you can see, Courtney Love, the American singer and actor, has crowned ... Read More »

The most attractive millionaires of the world

Tamara Ecclestone Tamara Ecclestone, born 1985, model, social character, television presenter and British billionaire girl. At age 33, she has earned everything she wants: fame, wealth, and family … She married Jay Rutland and owns a girl. She has earned a large portion of his capital from an inheritance worth $ 3.4 billion to her and her sister. Read More »

Models in fashion famous for not looking good

Molly Bair Molly also never thought that her appearance would make her popular. This American girl has high cheekbones, protruding ears, and large deep-set eyes. However, she scored success with her unique features. Molly often participates in the big fashion shows of Prada, Dior, and Chanel. Read More »

Interesting and curious facts about the lives of the ancient Egyptian people

Family members ate breakfast separately At that time, it was not common for family members, especially the noble families, to eat breakfast together. The big breakfast family is alone. Servants brought her breakfast after her morning shower. But the women ate breakfast during their morning dress or just after that. The family members gathered at a party at night or ... Read More »

Things that in-fashioned for 2018

Embroidered If you look at the fashionable weeks, you’ll find fashioned jewelry again appealing to fashion designers. This more fashion is designed for the summer of 2018. Famous brands, such as Tom Ford and Mark Jacobs, were very excited about this fashion, and in their collections of clothing, they used shirts, pants and blues, to use lozenges. Read More »

How to maintain our health in public swimming pools?

Take a shower before swimming If you have been bathing for a few days, you will come to the pool at the entrance to the pool, despite the fat, sweat, sunscreen, insect repellents, cosmetics and all kinds of contaminants on your skin. Read More »

Famous people you didn’t know were refugees

Madeleine Jana Korbel Albright She (born May 15, 1937) is an American politician and diplomat. She is the first woman to have become the United States Secretary of State. She served from 1997 to 2001 under President Bill Clinton. Read More »

Annual University Admission Test

Concours is the name of a test that will be held in some countries, such as China, Turkey and South Korea, in order to measure the scientific knowledge of volunteers entering universities, if these tests are not held in European countries or the United States of America. . Read More »

National football team players along with their families

Omid Ebrahimi He was discovered by Amir Ghalenoei in 2011. He started his career in Esteghlal Dargahan. He joined Sepahan in 2010 after spending the previous season at Shahrdari Bandar Abbas in the Azadegan League. Read More »