Ayatollah: 3G internet is immoral

An Iranian Grand Ayatollah has said high speed internet is unethical and contrary to humanitarian principles, Iranian media sources reported on Tuesday. Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi, a prominent Shia scholar, made the remarks in response to a question put to him by cyber activists, via his website. Although Iran has the highest total number of internet users in the Middle East, ... Read More »

A couch that turns into a bunk bed

You may have a couch or two in your home, but can any of them turn into a built-in bunk bed in 15 seconds? Proteas, a Greek furniture manufacturer, has created this amazing couch called the Coupe that may leave you desperately needing one in your life. Read More »

Google planning to offer children accounts

A report says US search engine Google is planning to offer internet accounts designed for children under the age of 13. The Wall Street Journal reported that the new system would allow kids to access Google services through accounts parents set up and fully control. One of the accounts could be a kid-friendly YouTube version. The company will also introduce ... Read More »

Talk to curb air pollution with ebikes in Iran

Tokyo-based Terra Motors, an electric vehicle (EV) startup that produces eco-friendly scooters and tuk-tuks, today announced that it has partnered with an Iranian distributor to bring its products to the West Asian market. The exclusive deal with Tehran’s Jahanro Industrial is for a period of five years and extends to Terra Motor’s flagship A4000i smartphone-connected scooter and unspecified new products ... Read More »

Meet the Bike of the future

A team of designers in Seattle built a bike that could be your new best option for navigating busy city streets. They have created this innovative bike that was named winner of “The Bike Design Project”, a competition between five groups who were encouraged to build the “Ultimate Urban Utility Bike”. The bike will now go into production as an e-bike ... Read More »

Gateshead Millennium Bridge: World’s Only Tilting Bridge

The Gateshead Millennium Bridge is a pedestrian and cyclist tilt bridge spanning the River Tyne in England between Gateshead’s Quays arts quarter on the south bank, and the Quayside of Newcastle upon Tyne on the north bank. The award-winning structure was conceived and designed by architects Wilkinson Eyre and structural engineers Gifford. The bridge is sometimes referred to as the ... Read More »

Cambridge University doctor of chocolate program

BBC reports: Scientists and chocolate fans are being given the chance to indulge their sweet tooth by becoming a doctor of chocolate at Cambridge University. A researcher is being sought for a PhD on chocolate by the Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology. The challenge is to stop chocolate melting in warm climates by studying the “fundamentals of heat-stable chocolate”. ... Read More »

Iran’s largest wind farm comes on stream

Tehran Times – The first phase of Iran’s largest wind farm came on stream on Monday in the town of Takestan, which is located in the northwestern province of Qazvin. The wind farm has a power generation capacity of 20 megawatts (MW) in the first phase, which was put into operation at a cost of 30 million Euro, the IRNA ... Read More »

Scientists develop self assembling robot

A team of engineers from Harvard and Massachusetts Institute of Technology engineers have developed an affordable self-assembling robot. The android is made of a sheet of composite paper, which has had different parts, including hinges, motors, batteries, and a microcontroller, installed upon it. Having been fitted with the batteries, the automaton starts to assume its designated form and launch into ... Read More »

Qazvin municipality to open robotic zoo

QAZVIN, Aug. 09 (MNA) – Qazvin mayor has said the construction of robotic zoo in Barajin National Park is in its final phase. Masoud Nosrati told Mehr News local correspondent that municipality had spent $1.25 million to construction of the robotic zoo. “The zoo has been constructed in a patch of land with an area of 2,000 square meters in ... Read More »