Brooklyn Beckham Wedding

Nicola’s gowns, all by Pierpaolo Piccioli at Valentino, were selected by the bride from the atelier in Rome, although everyone is expecting further ‘looks’ over the weekend too, with something from motherin-law Victoria’s struggling fashion line surely getting a look-in. The flowers — said to be all white and in ‘insane profusion’ — are courtesy of Rishi Patel at HMR Designs, who embellished the 2021 wedding of Bill Gates’s daughter Jennifer. Tables and outdoor furniture are coming from Pablo Oliveira at Nuage Designs, who looked after Chelsea Clinton’s nuptials. From the middle of last week, trucks started to arrive in Palm Beach, and police were patrolling the vicinity of the estate. The marquees are of a size usually rented for trade fairs. Each could comfortably hold 1,000 people — and there are three of them on the lawn at the Peltz’s £76million estate.