The most expensive cigar brands in the world in 2019

Manufactured by England-based The Chancellor Tobacco Company, Treasurer is hands down the most expensive cigarette brand in the world. It is also one of the most elusive. Cigarettes produced by the brand are made of nothing but the most premium quality materials. Read More »

Unveiling of Saints Jamshid Mashayekhi

Mashayekhi began professional acting on stage in 1957. His first feature film role was Brick and Mirror (1965, Ebrahim Golestan). After a four-year break, he acted in The Cow (1969, Darius Mehrjui) and Kaiser (1969, Masoud Kimiai). Read More »

Screensavers of Billboard Music 2019

The 2019 Billboard Music Awards ceremony was held at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas on May 1, 2019. It aired live on NBC and was hosted by Kelly Clarkson for a second year in a row. The list of nominees were announced on April 4, 2019. Mariah Carey received the Icon Award at this year’s show. Read More »

Enter the Panthera leo persica

He Asiatic lion is a Panthera leo leo population in India. Its range is restricted to the Gir National Park and environs in the Indian state of Gujarat. Read More »

Thailand’s King’s Marriage!

Thailand’s King Maha Vajiralongkorn has married the deputy head of his personal security, giving her the title ‘Queen’. According to a royal statement, General Suthida Vajiralongkorn Na Ayudhya will now become Queen Suthida and is part of the royal family. “(The King) has decided to promote General Suthida Vajiralongkorn Na Ayudhya, his royal consort, to become Queen Suthida and she ... Read More »

Resistance Economy Activists

An economy is an area of the production, distribution, or trade, and consumption of goods and services by different agents. Understood in its broadest sense, ‘The economy is defined as a social domain that emphasize the practices, discourses, and material expressions associated with the production, use, and management of resources’. Read More »

The interest of the people of Najaf

Najaf is a city in central-south Iraq about 160 km (100 mi) south of Baghdad. Its estimated population in 2013 was 1,000,000 people. It is the capital of Najaf Governorate. Read More »

Music album Exonerate

An album may be recorded in a recording studio (fixed or mobile), in a concert venue, at home, in the field, or a mix of places. The time frame for completely recording an album varies between a few hours to several years. Read More »

Famous celebrities at the Australian Film Festival

Now it’s eight year, Film Festival Australia is the only nation-wide Australian Festival dedicated to Cinema. Our aim is to showcase a diverse range of the best and most interesting of current cinema, One of the world’s most exhilarating national cinemas, and through cinema to introduce culture to other Australians, providing a better cultural understanding. Read More »