Birth of Shabnam Gholikhani

Those born in the month of November either fall under the zodiac sign of Scorpio or are born on the Scorpio-Sagittarius cusp. Those under the influence of Scorpio are easily approachable and are blessed with sharp mind. Read More »

Cave settlement of two families in Khuzestan

Cave settlement in the Khuzestan Indica! Burnt logs are located 80 km from the city of Indika, Khuzestan. The people of this region live in houses that are half-empty and paved. Read More »

Ramina Torabi’s birthday

Want to know how to become a model? Do you dream of being the next Gigi Hadid, gracing the cover of Vogue? Modeling as a career has become a much-vaunted choice now with thousands of aspirants chasing the dream of becoming the next supermodel. Read More »

Birth of Yasmin Shajarian

An singer whose voice was regarded as one of his country’s national treasures — and who then ran afoul of the regime — has died. Mohammad Reza Shajarian, a master performer who was hailed as one of NPR’s 50 Great Voices of all time, was 80. He earned the title of ostad — master — and was beloved for his ... Read More »

Nostalgic photos of old bridal cars

The list of to-dos when planning a wedding is almost overwhelming. Online checklists show hundreds of line items mapped out over months or even years. Whether you’re doing it all yourself or have professional help, all these tasks can drain the delight out of coordinating your big day. Read More »

Strange photos of Rambod Javan

While doing my job researching photos for various stories, I always come across more interesting images than I need, or photos that are unrelated to the story yet are still remarkable, strange, hilarious, or just great shots. The best of those, I’ve been tucking into a folder without a clear plan for future use. Read More »

Modeling photos of Faramarz Aslani’s granddaughter

If your Instagram feed has become a montage of your baby’s best moments since birth (or, heck, if baby has his *own* account), maybe you’ve wondered if your little one is meant for something bigger than a few here-and-there likes. Read More »

Where politicians live

When Anthony Trollope’s fictional creation Phineas Finn returned to London from Ireland as a newly elected member of parliament, he was greeted with great fanfare by his landlady, Mrs Bunce. Read More »

Where do the actors live?

Researchers measuring relationships between neighborhoods and health have begun using property appraisal data as a source of information about neighborhoods. Economists have developed a rich tool kit to understand how neighborhood characteristics are quantified in appraisal values. Read More »