5 of the most Difficult Actors To Work With

Despite all the talent he has at his disposal, Crowe is just as well-known for being quite the rowdy Aussie as he is an onscreen powerhouse. Aside from the occasional physical altercation (and he’s been in several documented incidents), he apparently got riled up at film producer Branko Lustig, to the point where the producer wanted out of the production ... Read More »

Tiger with gold teeth

The tiger (Panthera tigris) is the largest species among the Felidae and classified in the genus Panthera. It is most recognisable for its dark vertical stripes on reddish-orange fur with a lighter underside. Read More »

ISIS captives in hand of Syrian Kurdish Forces

Behind the steel door, the cell is as packed as their eyes are empty – haggard, scrawny prisoners in orange jumpsuits lying head-to-toe cover every inch of floor space.An AFP team was given rare access to one of the crowded detention facilities in northeastern Syria where Kurdish forces are holding Islamic State group (IS) suspects. Read More »

What you need to do in the 20s to succeed in the future

Your 20s are a time of figuring out your blueprint for life. You’re officially an adult, moving beyond the naivety of your teenage years, but not yet entrenched in the responsibilities of adulthood. You’re launching toward your future, full of energy and possibility. Read More »

Bahare Zare Bahari fighting deportation in the Philippines

An beauty queen who has spent almost two weeks inside Manila’s international airport says she will be killed if she is sent back home and is seeking asylum in the Philippines. Bahareh Zare Bahari, a contestant in the recent Miss Intercontinental pageant in Manila, claims Tehran is attempting to silence her because of her public stand against the government. Read More »

Prohibition of alcohol in the United States

In 1920, the 18th Amendment was passed making the manufacture and sale of alcohol illegal. But many people in this time of ‘Prohibition’ continued to drink and gangsters made enormous amounts of money from supplying illegal liquor. Read More »

Increase height with 11 foods and nutrients

Melatonin is a hormone in your body that plays a role in sleep. The production and release of melatonin in the brain is connected to time of day, increasing when it’s dark and decreasing when it’s light. Melatonin production declines with age. Read More »

Black and white pictures of the old days

One of the greatest components of reddit are the thriving subreddits, niche communities of people who share a passion for a specific topic. One of the Sifter’s personal favourites is r/ColorizedHistory (featured previously). Read More »

California Tour with Mohammad Reza Golzar

Mohammad Reza Golzar (born March 31, 1977) is an actor, singer, television host and model. He studied Mechanical Engineering in Islamic Azad University. Read More »