What foods will we eat in the future?

Insects According to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, today, at least two billion people in the world eat insects. Although, for many of us, eating insects is versatile, insects are rich in fat, protein, fiber, and minerals. Read More »

This is Kuwait of Today

Kuwaitor , officially the State of Kuwait, is a country in Western Asia. Situated in the northern edge of Eastern Arabia at the tip of the Persian Gulf, it shares borders with Iraq and Saudi Arabia. Read More »

Lucky symbol at wedding parties in different parts of the world

In China, the wedding date is the first word   In Chinese weddings, history is the first letter. In fact, it’s the wedding date that makes couples happiness or failure. If a couple make a mistake in choosing a date, they will not have a happy life, or vice versa, if they hold their wedding day in a good history, ... Read More »

The world’s most prestigious and literary awards

Nobel Prize in Literature Established: 1910 Sweden Circle of choice: International Selection Criterion: The total work of the author who is closest to the Nobel Foundation’s definition of ideal work. In fact, this prize is awarded not to one work, but to an author’s lifetime. Award: The Gold Medal, the honorary diploma from the King of Sweden and some money ... Read More »

Interesting facts about Pi

March 14 is the day of Pe In 1988, Larry Shaw from the Scientific Explorer Museum in San Francisco was the first to celebrate March 14, 14.3, and eventually coincides with the birthday of Albert Einstein. In 2009 Congress officially approved the day, the resolution states: “The House of Representatives supports the Day of Peoples Day and commemorates it all ... Read More »

Best Veil Brands in the World

Haute hijab Melanie is the founder and expert of the “Haute Hijab” brand. One of the reasons why his brand was largely popular and popular was the use of women designers who have style and fashion ideas in the fashion and apparel industry. Read More »

A modern mosque without minarets stirs controversy

Wen the cities authorities commissioned the construction of a mosque near the City theater – one of capital’s most distinctive buildings – it was always going to be a tricky balancing act for the architects to design something unique that did not eclipse the adjacent structure. Read More »

10 Hiding Spots Burglars Always Look First

Under the mattress Burglars will make a beeline to the room with the most valuables. ‘The good stop is always going to be in the master bedroom,’ says Chris McGoey, CPP, CSP, CAM, president of McGoey Security Consulting. ‘That’s where you have your clothes, your jewelry, your extra cash, your weapons, your prescriptions—anything of value. Read More »