Venice Film Festival Opening 2019 with celebrity faces

Juliette Binoche wears metallic sandals with a white column gown at the premiere of “The Truth” during the Venice Film Festival Aug. 28. and catherine Deneuve in black pumps at the premiere. Read More »

Consort of Thai King’s racy and candid crop top shoot breaks the internet

A rare release of official palace photos of the Thai King’s royal consort have caused a flurry of online attention, causing the royal palace website to crash, according to reports. The official Thai palace website crashed this week after it released unusually candid portraits of the king’s newly-anointed consort.The images of King Maha Vajiralongkorn’s ‘noble consort’, Major-General Sineenat Wongvajirapakdi, were ... Read More »

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony by government officials

Not every occasion is appropriate for a ribbon-cutting ceremony. You need to have something new and BIG to show off: a brand new business, new digs, a big remodel to accommodate growth or an example of the new services you’ll be offering. When you want to draw attention in a big way, a ribbon-cutting ceremony makes a big splash without ... Read More »

Age Gaps and Marriage

Sara Sufiani and her husband have a 28 year age difference. Are you flirting with someone older than you? Or are you annoyed with people saying you’re “robbing the cradle”? How much do age differences matter in dating?There’s no doubt that age gaps can be a point of stress for couples. Even established couples might have to deal with social ... Read More »

Government Achievements Conference

A government is the system or group of people governing an organized community, often a state. In the case of its broad associative definition, government normally consists of legislature, executive, and judiciary. Read More »

Strange crises in different countries

The number – of children a woman is expected to have – fell below 1.0 for the first time, far below the 2.1 needed to maintain population stability. This means South Korea’s population, now 51 million, may start sliding even before 2028, the year Seoul had forecast as the beginning point for its declin. Read More »

Lawlessness on the streets

As a pedestrian, I really hate it when I see a cyclist on the sidewalk downtown, there just isn’t enough room and it’s dangerous. Of course one of the reasons that there isn’t enough room is that most of the space is given instead to moving and stored cars, so that there isn’t much space left. So the pedestrians are ... Read More »

Less seen pictures of Dariush Asadzadeh

Asadzadeh was born on 23 November 1923 in Kermanshah in western. He began his acting career at 20, and spent the next many years as an actor, writer and director at theater. Read More »

Something you should never be ashamed of in your life

Shame is a very powerful negative emotion that can restrict our lives in many ways. It can prevent us from expressing our true selves, from enacting our desires, and from living a life full of joy. Read More »